LiveGrabber Clip Launch sync in Live/VDMX5

I am using LiveGrabber plugins with Live and am trying to link the launch of a clip in Live to the launch of a clip in VDMX5. I have a track of audio clips in Live that I have all set to Legato and a follow action of “other” so that they randomly play. I would like to link each clip in Live to a specific video clip in VDMX5 so that they change in sync.

Can’t quite figure how to accomplish this. Any ideas?

Hi reidjazz,

Thanks for posting on our forum, this is indeed a quite laborious process so it will be helpful for others to discuss this here in detail.

Let’s assume you have your clips in a Live audio track with a TrackGrabber plugin. The TrackGrabber has TriggeredClipNr selected in a slot with the address set to “/TriggeredClipNr”. Let’s also assume your set contains a GrabberSender sending to port 1337.


  • In Preferences > OSC, make sure port 1337 is added in the Input ports text area

  • Open the Workspace Inspector (Menu > Window > Workspace Manager)

  • In Workspace Inspector > Plugins, add a Comm Display and select OSC in the Type dropdown. Verify that the LiveGrabber OSC messages are received by VDMX when you launch a clip in Live.

  • Open the UI Inspector (Menu > Window > UI Inspector)

  • In Workspace Inspector > Plugins, select your Media Bin

  • Select Media Bin Options > Control > Trigger by Index

  • In the UI Inspector, press Detect

  • Change a clip in Live. The Trigger by Index address should now be set to /OSC/TriggeredClipNr and the receiver should now be Enabled

  • You should now be able to trigger clips in VDMX with Live

The steps above are based on LiveGrabber 4.2.

If anything is unclear it would be great if you could post back here so we can explain further and help others that are trying to achieve the same :slight_smile:

All this said, note that there is currently no mechanism in VDMX to keep the clips synced to Live after they have been triggered. For that we can highly recommend Videosync, which we invented for just this purpose!