LiveGrabber and Resolume - absolute OSC addresses not working

I’m using LiveGrabber in Ableton Live 10, sending OSC messages to Resolume Arena 6 to control visual parameters from my liveset.
I’m a beginner with Resolume but i have everything connected properly through OSC.
so GrabberSender on my Live master bus, and with AnalysisGrabber and ParameterGrabber plugins, all messages are getting sent and properly received by Resolume.

my issue is that Resolume only seems to react to “relative” OSC addresses. for example:


i am trying to get it to react to “absolute” addresses, for example:


(each OSC address in Resolume shows both the absolute and relative option)

Resolume is receiving the absolute addresses, but not showing me the behaviours the way it does when i send it the relative values.
When using relative OSC addresses, everything is working as it should.

anyone have any helpful ideas? :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this Mikael!

I’ll try to reproduce this in the next days and if I can I will see if I can spot the issue.

In the meantime, do you have a way to test if the Resolume absolute addresses work at all? Can you control them as expected using another OSC tool, like OSCulator or Max?

thanks for your reply Mattijs!
i believe i’ve just solved it.
i grabbed the M4L connection kit to test if its OSC Send device can control the absolute addresses in Resolume (it can).
then back to LiveGrabber i was faced with the same problem. Then i deleted the Sender Name in the GrabberSender device and left the field blank, and now it appears to work as it should!

one other, unrelated, thing i’ve noticed.
when i put an instance of AnalysisGrabber on a track, i often get a red “No Sender” error message and the device does not work. if i delete it, put another device (ParamGrabber for ex.) on the track, then the AnalysisGrabber, the error is gone. so then i delete the ParamGrabber and it’s good to go.
perhaps a small bug?

thanks again for the software and for your quick reply :slight_smile:

You make two good points there; in the new version 4.3 there is now no default Sender name in GrabberSender. Also the AnalysisGrabber issue you describe should be fixed.

It would be great if you could confirm :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this up!

indeed, both issues fixed in the newest version. thank you!!!