LiveGrabber - AnalysisGrabber Using Lots of CPU

Hi all,

Just discovered LiveGrabber and it’s been incredible using it with Resolume. Thank you for making these tools! I have AnalysisGrabber setup on a kick drum track sending to one effect knob in Resolume (which tweaks multiple parameters), and another AnalysisGrabber setup on a bass track which shifts the hue of the clip in Resolume. I also have Resolum M4L setup in the project with Dispatcher on the master and a track for clip launcher which is working fine.

One limitation I am discovering is with just these 2 OSC signals being sent out from Ableton it is maxing out the CPU usage for the track GrabberSender is on (which is currently my kick drum track). It’s all working great but I’m having to increase my buffer to around 512 in order to not have any pops and clicks in Ableton. I’m performing this live so the sound must be clean. I would love to send more OSC data over to Resolume (say on my vocal track, and synth track) but with just those 2 things being tracked it’s not really possible it seems. I’m running the AnalysisGrabber’s at 30FPS. I tried both at 20FPS and it helps a bit but not enough.

Has anyone run into this limitation? I’m running a 2021 Apple M1 Max, 32GB Ram.

I have a live show coming up this Saturday and trying this out for the first time!


Hi Kieran, welcome to the forum!

Could you let me know if replacing your current GrabberSender device with the one below improves the situation for you? FYI: the device should function as usual, except that the text log in the UI won’t show any messages. I’m assuming this may be the bottleneck. (15.7 KB)

Thanks so much for the quick response!! I just tried it, and it works perfectly, no more CPU problems!

Sooooo excited to push the boundaries further now thank you so much!


Thanks for confirming! I’ll work on a little update to make it optional to disable the log.

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