Live MTC - scrubbing

Hi everyone!
I’m looking for a solution I’ve been struggling with.
After I discovered Live MTC (which is a bless) I run Ableton synced with Pro Tools. Unfortunately I cannot get the scrubbing function to work properly neither I’m able to share playhead position while in stop mode. These would be very handy features in order to hit cues properly. I actually encountered the same problem running MTC from Logic to PT or Cubase to PT. The only way I’am able to work around this is use Video Slave, but for professional reason I’d rather use Pro Tools.
Im probably doing something wrong, but I can’t figure it out!
Any chance you guys could help me out?
Thank you,
take good care

Hi Fabio, thanks for posting your question on this forum.

It sounds like what you experience could be inherent to MTC. As far as I have experienced, MTC clients typically wait for a few seconds before ‘locking on’ to an incoming MTC signal. My guess is that the client applies some averaging to make sure the time signal is constant.

If this is true, it means that neither Pro Tools nor LiveMTC can provide the feature to scrub or position the timeline of Pro Tools from within Live without playing because it would have to apply the time information instantly and without context.

If on the contrary someone here knows of any other MTC source that does allow scrubbing the timeline of Pro Tools, you would prove me wrong and then I’m sure we could find a way to add this feature to LiveMTC.

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Hey Mattijs,

thanks for your answer.
From what I’ve read, MTC doesn’t support playhead position and it has to be communicated through MMC.
On the Video Slave’s website though, they say that through your LIVE MTC plugin you are actually able to scrub (feature that I couldn’t get to work btw).
I recently wrote to them, I’ll see what they say and keep you guys posted. If it works with their app, it should work with any DAWs, no?

I’m sorry to bother, I just think there must be something I am doing wrong cause it cannot be that all the big composers that work with 2 DAWs this way, they struggle with latency and not being able see the correspective picture when nudging the playhead. But again, it might be all in my head :slight_smile:

Anyways your plugin is gold, seriously.


(Also, I was just testing out Video Slave, and for some reason it locks on way faster than pro tool when hitting play)

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for the research, it looks like we may want to look into adding MMC support to LiveMTC at some point.

We were recently pointed to the Video Slave documentation’s reference to LiveMTC, I think we might want to drop them a line so that they can include a small disclaimer that LiveMTC does not allow scrubbing and also does not yet have a windows version.

Thanks for giving us a heads up about this! If you find out more, especially an MTC/MMC implementation that does allow scrubbing Pro Tools, any background info is very welcome.