Live grabber: GrabberSender Crash

When I open a new live set and insert the GrabberSender module into a midi or audio track, I get a spinning beach ball mouse and then Live crashes or “not responding”.

If I open a new live set and drag any other live grabber module into a midi or audio track other than the grabber sender, the module loads fine. I can then drag the grabber sender into the same track and it then loads fine.

This is what I’ve been doing to be able to load the grabber sender in for my projects.

Upon saving the file, if I save the project with the grabber sender still in one of the tracks and close Live. If I then try to open this project file, Ableton crashes because the grabber sender module is part of that project. If I delete the grabber sender module before saving, I can then open the project file, but have to then re-add the grabber sender back into it’s original track.

I’m using Live 9.6 64bit on a Mac Book Pro, and using Live Grabber v3.3.3

Thanks in advanced for any help or suggestions.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this problem myself so I’ll need some extra information.

  • Which version of Max are you using?
  • Which Java version are you running?
  • Can you send me Apple’s crash report via a DM / email?


Hey Hidde!

Thanks for the quick reply, sorry for the long delay…

It appears I had an authorization error with my Max/MSP application. There for opening up a max patch through Live got tangled in an authorization glitch, thus shutting everything down.

I fixed the error and upgraded to Max 7. Everything is working perfectly. I can save a Live project with any of the Live Grabber patches in the file, and open it up without any errors.



Happy to hear that it’s working now!