Live 12.1 Beta - Showsync Control Surface

I’m running the Live 12 1.b.3 Beta, and I can’t find the Showsync Control Surface. Can you advise?

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 23.49.47

Not yet, this is something for us to look into still. Stay tuned!

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Hey! There’s a small change we have to make in our Control Surface to make Live 12.1 happy. I’ll send you a zip with an updated Control Surface - could you give that one a go?


thanks Hidde. I’m currently downloading a new Live Beta (12.1b4), and i will add the control surface when that is done. I appreciate the quick response.

Hi folks, i’ve the same problem. Is there a Control Surface available or will you post here a link? I’ll stay tuned for news :slight_smile:

Hi hidde, could you send me the zip, too?

Hi Karsten,

Yes, here’s an updated Control Surface that works with Live 12.1. This one should work with Beam too. You can put it in the Remote Scripts folder that is in the Ableton User Library. For me that’s in ~/Music/Ableton/User Library/Remote Scripts.

We’ll ship updates with this Control Surface update soon. (37.1 KB)

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A new Videosync 2 beta build ( was released just now, which includes Hidde’s fix for the Control Surface. Thanks for reporting Rob and Karsten!


Hi hidde and Jean-Paul, thank you so much for doing the fix! Today i played around with the new Lava Effect and combined it with Tabula and Square. It all works and looks fine. Cause i’m trying to learn piano I recorded an improvisation session with this setting - to record it I build it back in the current version because of the watermark (using Vornoi instead of Lava ) and i could clearly see the improvement from the current tools to the beta version. Concrats to your work so far! If you are bored and want to listen to a piano novice visualising the music in a Oscar Fischinger style with your software, here you go :wink:

Hey Karsten! Thank you for the kind words and sharing your video with us! Did you know you can actually get rid of the watermark by activating your existing license in the Videosync 2 Beta application as well?

Oh man, thats amazing. I just did not try it… Thanks for sharing!