Little orange dot in very upper-right corner of video window

Hi! Has anyone seen this? And do you know how to get rid of it?

It looks kind of like the little dot that shows up to let you know an application might be using the system microphone.

It only shows up in the Videosync window … which of course also means that it’s showing up on our projections at our live shows :sweat_smile:

It’s not the absolute worst thing in the world — but it would be better if it weren’t there.

Grateful for any ideas! This is on a Macbook Air running MacOS Ventura 13.4.1.

Thanks! — jamie

It IS the dot that shows microphone access to the computer.

The only way I know to be rid of it for Videosync is to deny Ableton access to the microphone in Mac System Preferences.

System Prefs > Security and Privacy > Microphone > unselect Ableton Live in the menu and reboot Live if necessary.

The only catch is, now Ableton won’t receive ANY audio input (microphone or any audio interface) until you restore this setting, which is a bugger if you have any live audio input to your Ableton session.

There are/were other ways around killing the orange dot that require doing some freaky stuff in Terminal, but this involves greatly compromising your Mac security settings - something that I’m not prepared to do.

This definitely is a major issue for anyone wanting to use a Mac for professional presentation video! See below:

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Ha. I had a suspicion. Thank you for confirming it! As it happens, I’m not doing audio input to Ableton in this particular configuration, so I could do this workaround, and may. Still janky as hell though :joy: But thank you! :blush:

i’m told (not proven) that outputting via a Blackmagic device will remove the dot. Expensive solution.

Cheaper: When I use my own projector, I overscan by 2/3 pixels to get rid of it. Clunky, but it works for rough-and-ready live stuff.

Yeah, I reckon that for $800 I would rather have the dot :joy: In all seriousness, though, overscanning is a good idea! I bet at least some of the venues we encounter will have people who know how to do that with their projector. EVERYONE ELSE GETS THE DOT :skull:

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We use Blackmagic gear, it doesn’t remove the orange dot. Audio preferences is the only solution as far as I know.

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argh. there’s no escape… thanks for sharing. You have saved me some money. What gear exactly are you referring to?

The Blackmagic ATEM switcher

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