Laggy video with latest update

New update just installed and its made Ableton really slow to graphically update. Like the play head and pressing buttons in the UI. At least that’s what I think the cause is. Is there a way to get the previous version?

Hey Curtis,

What version specifically of Videosync are you using right now and were you using before? The current version is 1.4.3. You can download 1.4.2 (and other older versions) here, although the changes between the latest two versions were very minimal, and I can’t currently see why this would make Live more laggy.

Does this only happen as soon as Videosync becomes connected to Live? What kind of Videosync devices do you have in your Live Set at the time this happens? Have you tried doing the same with an empty Live Set?

Okay I determined its not the update. It’s trying to record the set when I have a squares generator midi track running. I’m just going to turn off the video to record from now on as I’m only concerned with the audio recording.