IsfLoader won't save adv. everytime

First of all. I’m in try-out mode but i can already say; this software is amazing. I have to earn some money to be part of this dream. So far, thank you.

The only prob I have is the inconsequent saving of a shader with its macro parameters in a adv. file.
When it goes wrong the saved adv. file changes in the original IsfLoader and aks to drop a shader. So I can build it again. Not nice.

What do I wrong
and is it possible to create a amxd file out of it. (with Max and the SDK?)

Heppie Greetz

Hi there, thanks for writing in!

The ISFLoader of Videosync 1.2 is far from perfect, and we are aiming to improve it dramatically with the next update, which isn’t far out. These issues should be resolved by then.

And yes, you can use our Plugin SDK to create your own devices in Max for Live. Let us know if you need any help with that! Furthermore, the Plugin SDK will also get an overhaul with the upcoming update, making it easier to get started with it.

Hoping to share more news soon!

Thanks Jean-Paul for your clarification.
I look forward to the upcoming update.
In the meantime I’ll explore the sdk further to see what I can do with it.

hope to hear from you soon.