ISF shader loader prob - help please

I haven’t knowingly changed any file paths, no recent crashes, and the shaders are all still in the correct folder, but the loader just says ‘waiting for Videosync’:

how can i reconnect? I’ve restarted, etc

I’m working on a project with other artists and my set is full of shaders…:frowning:

Hey Rob, some questions:

  • Is it just the ISF Loader that isn’t working? Are any other Videosync devices still working as expected?
  • Is the problem exclusive to one Live Set?
  • Wat messages does the Console of Videosync print?
  • Is the Max application open? (If yes, close it)

it just started working again.

Yesterday I restarted, rebooted everything and the problem persisted. Everything else worked, including the Videosync ISF presets, so it seemed to be just “losing” both the ‘Factory’ and ‘User’ ISF folders.

I haven’t checked the console. I will.

Max application was definitely not open after the reboot.

I guess it’s possible it’s an OS problem. But it’s strange how the disappearance and return don’t seem directly connected to anything, like following a crash, or a restart/reboot etc.

I’m on the run to a rehearsal now, (relieved it’s working) but I would like to know how to troubleshoot if this occurs again, so will check in again on the forum later.