ISF #ifdef to indicate videosync is host?

Is it possible for an ISF shader program to statically know if it is being hosted by videosync? Is there any #define specific to videosync compilation that would let me know if BEAT is available? This would allow me to do something like this:

float beat = BEAT; // BEAT is available!
float beat = TIME * bpm / 60.0; // BEAT is not available, use TIME instead



No that isn’t possible, but the only reason this is the case is because we hadn’t come up with this idea yet. So, inspired by your post I’ll look into implementing this ASAP and will keep you updated!

Thanks for this!


Great! I’ve been using the freely available ISF editor to work on some shader programs, but I have to manually switch between using BEAT and TIME as I move back and forth between the editor and Videosync/Ableton. This will be a big help, thanks!

Your timing is impeccable cause we’re close to releasing a version with an all-new ISF Loader plugin, which will now contain this feature… so, coming up very soon!