Intro version, wat is going on with Group

hi, i have a very simple project where I just have to fadein and out my clips,
but I noticed that if I put them into a group I have to set the volume fader of that group at minimum level OR I will have an extra lighting effect (my video will have an extra light dose) (sorry for the English) … why is it so ? so I can understand better how video syncs works and the limitation with the Intro version maybe

thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:


oh no i m sorry, I just realize this is a different problem
if the volume fader of my group of my two video tracks is not at 0db, I have a black screen when I switch (fade on) to my second video clip.
I need to have my group volume at 0 if I want to see both of my video tracks, and if so, my first video track is too lighty
(i am afraid it is difficult to understand :cold_sweat:)

Hi Lela,

The default blend mode (and only blend mode for Videosync Intro) is Additive. This means that the brightness value of every pixel of one video, will be added to the brightness value of every respective pixel of another video. The result of this can be that some parts of the video may become a bit brighter at the 50/50 crossover point, as the brightness of both videos is accumulated.
The Alpha blend mode would probably give a more desired result in your case, but changing the blend mode is only possible with the Properties device, which unfortunately is not included with Videosync Intro.