How to tile an image that has a different aspect ratio to the main screen

Hey everyone,

I am very new to VS so I apologize if this is an obvious question. I’m trying to tile an image. The best way I’ve found so far is using Transform with the Wrap Mode. The problem is the image tiles at an aspect ratio different to the aspect of the output window (16/9)… so if I have a square 256x256 image there are gaps horizontally. How do I tile a square image properly?

Simpler offers Stretch Modes and “Scale To Fill” gets close, but it still isn’t tiling the original aspect ration of the image.

And you can do the math to scale the image back into the correct aspect ratio using Transform, but it’s not very convenient if you need to keep adjusting the scale and keep doing that aspect ratio math. Adding a second Transform to then scale the corrected Transform introduces new issues of the second Transform not tiling properly (and admittedly some pretty cool visuals :slight_smile: ).

So I guess I’m asking for a button or option in Simpler to maintain aspect ratio in one of the Stretch Modes while using Wrap.

Thanks for any help. VS is very impressive, but certain features are still elusive to me atm :wink:


Ok, this forum seems to be pretty low traffic. It might be advantageous to create a Discord where more discussion happens.

How about it VS team?

Hey Ethan,

Thanks for explaining your use case! There has been some talk internally about adding a “scale to fit” kind of feature to CropMap, which should help achieve what you’re looking for. I’ve added a ticket for this.