How can i make live audio react to lights in beam?


How to I make a light intensity of a par go up when yoou hear a voice through microphone?
Can you have a live audio voice (throughtmicrophone) react to lights with beam.


You can easily map the amplitude of an audio signal to a Live parameter (including Beam device parameters) using the Live’s Envelope Follower device:


  1. Add a MIDI track, add a Beam Instrument device (such as Par) to it and choose the tag of the fixtures you want to control Intensity of.
  2. Add an audio track, select the audio channel that has the microphone connected to it as the input, enable monitoring, and add the Envelope Follower device to the track. Click Map, go back to the first (MIDI) track with the Beam device on it and click on the Intensity dial.

You should now be able to control the intensity of your fixtures with your voice.



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That’s great to hear! Feel free to share a clip (here or tag us with @showsyncsoftware on Instagram) if you make something interesting with this technique.