Help us develop LiveMTC for Windows

Hi all,

Following the various requests to bring LiveMTC to Windows we started a small fundraiser that would help us free some time for this.

Help us release LiveMTC for Windows!


Hi Mattijs,

I see this campaign has died… any reason? Is there anything someone with some free time could do to assist bringing LiveMTC to Windows?

Hi Donny,

That is correct, we didn’t get a lot of response so we cancelled the campaign. But if anyone would be willing to help us develop and maintain a Windows version they would be more than welcome!

It is really a matter of:

  • Building the Max app for Windows
  • Testing it on a number of PC’s with different configurations to reduce the risk of unexpected incompatibilities
  • Being available for support in case a user runs into a problem running LiveMTC on Windows.

Contributors are of course credited on the website.

If you would be interested, let us know!

yes! definitely interested. right now i’m slaving live to pro tools for video sync, it’s hacky. i’m sending you a PM with my information. Thanks!

ah, looks like there’s no PM function on this board… attaching my email here, I can delete it once we’ve gotten in contact off this forum.

Hi guys, did you have any luck with bringing LiveMTC to Windows?


Hi Bill, we got quite far but we require more testing and we need to go through the process of publishing. So far that didn’t happen yet but hopefully in the future it will!

Do you need some testing help or is there something “I” can do to help getting it released?

Hi @Juli971Master (& @DonnyLuvd2Bowl), we are currently working on a release for Windows :slight_smile: . If you are interested we can let you know when we have a beta version ready for testing?

That would be great, thank you :slight_smile:

Ok great! I will let you know when the update is ready for Beta testing.

Hi @Juli971Master & @DonnyLuvd2Bowl,

We have a windows beta ready for testing :partying_face:
Please email me on if you are still interested in testing it for us.



Hello! New to the community, but was hopeful you needed another beta tester? Of course, no worries if that can’t happen now, but it’s wonderful to day dream about the software coming to PC, haha!

Hoping you guys the best! Really like the idea of this software; not just for industry means, but for art as well!


Thanks to everyone involved! LiveMTC is now freely available for Windows and Mac.

I’ll close this topic to avoid confusion.

Download here: