Having issues adding effects

I’m brand new to this, purchased and downloaded the software today. I’m working with the latest versions of Videosync and Ableton Live 11 Standard.
I can’t seem to drag any effects, I get an error message. I’m probably doing something wrong, but I can’t figure it out and I don’t see any similar issues flagged up on this forum.
Can someone tell me where I’m going wrong?

Hi Leah, welcome to the forum!

This error message appears because you are using Live Standard, which doesn’t include Max for Live. As is mentioned in the Edition Compatibility section in the Videosync manual, all of Videosync’s plugins require Max for Live.
I’m sorry for this misunderstanding! Let me know if you’d prefer a refund, or if you’ll consider upgrading to Live Suite, or purchasing a Max for Live Crossgrade to use with Live Standard.

Thanks so much Jean-Paul, that explains it! I’ll look into purchasing a cross grade.
Cheers for the help!

Woops, that’s my bad. Crossgrade also won’t work, as it requires a Max 8 Standalone license. So either the Max 8 Upgrade, or Live 11 Suite Upgrade will get you what you need :slight_smile:.