Hardware for beam

Hey all I’m interested in beam. I wanted to know if there is a list of hardware or types that work with the software

Something not too pricey but decent quality. Thanks

Hi @richard, thanks for the interest in Beam! You can find the list of supported hardware here.

Something not too pricey but decent quality.

I would recommend Enttec DMX USB Pro or an Art-Net node such as Showtec NET-2/5 Pocket, Chauvet DMX-AN or Enttec ODE.
Even though it is a bit cheaper, I wouldn’t recommend Enttec Open DMX.

thanks for the suggestions any luck with dmg dash in wireless mode?

We have not worked with this particular fixture, but Beam can control any fixture with a DMX implementation, either via a DMX connection, or via Ethernet using Art-Net.

As far as I can tell by the information on the product website, there are two models and the CRMX one can be controlled via LumenRadio’s W-DMX:

Wireless Control: Bluetooth BLE via the myMIX® Mobile App - Available for iOS / Android
Wireless DMX (CRMX model only): LumenRadio with CRMX and W-DMX control, plus RDM

I believe this means you would also need a LumenRadio transceiver, into which you would plug a DMX cable coming from a DMX interface controlled by Beam.

If you are new to working with DMX, I can recommend checking out the Introduction to lighting control article on our Support website.

thanks for the info will look into it - im surprised we can’t just control from laptop to device via bluetooth. but im new to this ill read up