Grouped instrument and effects

This afternoon I was fooling around with the Squares instrument and several Ableton and Videosync effects. Everything went smoothly and when I was finished I grouped the device chain to be able to save the entire thing as a preset. Everything went fine until I later imported the same preset in another project. I created the exact same MIDI clip and did nothing different. I can’t get the saved preset to work anymore; there simply is no video output. I tried to ungroup all the effects, but that didn’t do any good.
I had to make a screenshot and start from the ground up, setting every parameter the same in order to get the same effect. That worked!

Hi Jean-Paul,

Indeed, Instrument and Effect Racks are not supported in 0.5.1. However, this is a feature which we will be adding soon but is not yet tested well enough for release.

We’ll notify you when racks are supported!

This answers the question i was going to ask :bulb:

Vidsync effects, and Ableton audio effects grouped in an audio effects rack would be great.

Hi all!

As you may have read, we released 0.6.0 yesterday. This update includes rack support! You can find the release here.