Grey screen when connecting trough remote controll

Hi there,

when I connect videosync with Ableton on another MacBook, it connects (both the videosync-screen and the status-plug-in in Ableton say so), but my video screen turns grey. Restarting videosync and restarting my computer doesn’t fix it. Sometimes, out of the blue, it works, but we have no idea what triggers it or what can resolve this.

We have a show tomorrow that leans heavily on videosync working, so does anybody have an idea what the solution could be?

Thanks in advance! Kind Regards, Keanu

P.S.: both computers are MB Pro’s (2018 and 2020) running on the latest update of MacOs (12.6.1, not 13 yet because that just released), and videosync is also running on both computers (the newest update).

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Hi Keanu,

Thanks for writing in! Which exact version of Videosync are you currently using? This is something I personally have only seen in earlier builds, and haven’t seen it for a long time since. You could give this latest beta build a try and see if it makes a difference. We’re very eager to receive feedback from users and their experiences with this build.

Hi Jean-Paul,

thank you for the quick response! I already looked around on the forum and saw the link for this beta on another post and tried to install it.
But unfortunately, it didn’t fix the issue. I tried restarting my mac and reinstalling videosync, but nothing helps…

When I use it locally on 1 macbook, it seems to work, but as soon as 2 macs are involved, the screen turns grey.

Any other idea’s of with might help?
Thank you very much!

EDIT: upon testing further, it seems that it works on a handfull of clips, but doesn’t on the vast majority.
Videosync is version 1.2.2, build 150.

To any reader; During a short Zoom call we determined that the reason for the screen being grey was that the video track contained a BrightnessContrast device, that had its Contrast value set to 0.

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