GrabberSender with Ableton 11.2.10

We use the Grabbers since three years.
To communicate Ableton with the d&B DS100 machine.
Everything was fine :wink:
with the Update to 11.2.10 there is no more communication.
with 11.2.7 its still works…
Maybe i have to update the Grabbers?
Because i dont know which version we have.
btw: where could i found the versionsnumber
which is on my Mac ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Andreas,

The latest version of LiveGrabber works well with Live 11.2.10 for me. It would indeed be great if you could try the latest version of LiveGrabber and see if the problems persist.

In the latest versions, you can find the version numbers in the upper right corners of the devices:

Screen Shot 2023-04-20 at 10.05.56

Hope that helps,

Hi Mattijs,

It was another thing, i found it as i put the newer version inside:
The Problem was that 11.2.10 writes “< empty >” in the Sendername Field…
after deleting it. Its works also with our older version 5.0.0
there stand nothing in this field…

But the newest version works also fine :wink:
And another Question in wich Folder i have to copy al the “Grabbers”
to have it in permanently in Ableton ? At the moment we copy it from one show
to the other, if we need it. :sweat_smile:

Dank U well :wink:

Hi Andreas,

Happy to hear that the sender name was the issue. It’s interesting to figure out how that could have happened, I’ll see if we can reproduce that.

If you want, you can move the Grabber devices to your User Library in the Live browser. That should make it available to all your Ableton projects.

However, generally speaking it’s not bad for devices that don’t come in a Pack or in Live itself to keep them in your Live project folder. That way, you make sure nothing changes to the sets. You can then make a new copy of a set when you want to update the plugins, to make sure the old ones remain unaltered.

Graag gedaan :slight_smile:

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