GrabberReceiver triggering scene in Ableton Live

I would like to use LiveGrabber to trigger Ableton via OSC. It would be very useful to have the possibility to map/patch incoming OSC-messages like ‘/eos/cue/1/1/fire’ coming from a ETC lighting desk, to trigger a specific Ableton scene, identified by a scene name like ‘cue1’ or something similar. It isn’t possible yet, or am I missing something?

Hi Jonas,

Correct, that is not yet possible. But there should definitely be a SceneGrabber for this. The message format you propose, ‘/eos/cue/1/1/fire’, is that a fixed format for the ETC desk or would this be open for debate?

For example message like ‘/scene cue1’ would seem more straightforward (not to mention easier to implement :wink:


Hi Mattijs,

Thanks for your kind response!

A SceneGrabber would be great! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately ‘/eos/cue/1/1/fire’ is a fixed ETC command, but I thought more of a solution with an “in-built” patch-possibility: any incoming cue xyz/xyz/xyz could then be assigned to your proposed format ‘/scene cue1’ (which is of course the most straightforward!) that triggers the scene specified in the arguement.

If no patch is used, Ableton listens to ‘/scene cue1’ and triggers the scene named cue1.

But as there is software like osculator that does the patching, there’s no real need to it. I just thought, that ParamGrabber works similar… :wink:

All the best,

Hi Jonas,

Here is a first version of the SceneGrabber, if you’d like to give it a go and let me know if anything doesn’t work as expected, that would be great.

Hi Mattijs,

Wow, that was fast! Thank you so much!!

Generally it works really well and exactly as I would expect it.

On the first look I found two minor bugs:
The device says “No Receiver!” even if there is one and it works.
Maybe that’s intended but it doesn’t seem to work when I send an integer. I can not trigger a scene that is named “2” by sending “/Scene 2” but have to rename it to cue2 and send “/Scene cue2”

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for the feedback!

Here is a changed version that should address the number argument issue:

However I was unable to reproduce the “No Input!” issue you mention. For me it does disappear as soon as I drop in a GrabberReceiver device. Are you sure you have the latest Livegrabber 3.4 download from If so, could try to right-click the MFL device’s title bar and choose Open Max Window to see if there are any errors there?

Wait, I just did another update that might address the No Input issue. I have overwritten the file on the same link:

It would be great if you could check if this version fixes both your issues.

Hi Mattijs,
Are you sure, that you have overwritten it? I still experience both issues…
The No Receiver thing: could it be, because I still have Max6 installed. The [getUniqueID]-object is not found…

Found the solution for the number argument… I just had to put it in quotation marks in the sender-software like this: /Scene “2”

It sounds like there may have been a caching issue, I just uploaded the latest version here:

If you have time perhaps you could have a look if this version behaves as expected.

Still the same. Max console says “getUniqueID: no such object.”
To be sure: since you wrote two times “No Input”-Issue –– everything with this prompt works well. It’s a “No Receiver”-issue… but I think we were already talking about the same thing…

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for taking the time to try this out. If it’s ok with you I will send you a new version and continue the conversation via email.

To all others: we’ll report back here after SceneGrabber is added to Livegrabber :slight_smile:

Update: SceneGrabber is now part of the updated LiveGrabber 4.0:

TYVM for developing this! Am I correct in understanding SceneGrabber won’t transmit the scene name out, say, to my TouchOSC-enabled device? If so, any suggestions?

Thank you!


Hi Sam,

Unfortunately the Live API does not allow observing when a scene is triggered, so I am afraid this option is impossible for us to add at the moment.

As soon as Ableton and Cycling '74 decide to make this info accessible, we will be the first to add it to the SceneGrabber.

If you have the time, it would be great if you could start a topic on their forums about this, perhaps referring to this thread. Who knows, that may help them add priority to implementing this.

That’s a shame. I’ll nag Ableton. Thank you!

Posted on their Centercode site after I confirmed with Ableton there wasn’t another solution.

Thank you Sam, let’s hope they will increase the priority of this feature!

Well, while we wait, I’m still looking for a way to display song names on my phone via TouchOSC. Is there a way for a dummy clip to send or trigger a text string to be displayed on TouchOSC? Any ideas out there? I also have MIDI Translator but don’t speak AppleScript.

Yup, using a TrackGrabber with the TriggeredClipName field should allow you to send out the name of a clip. You could duplicate the names of the scenes in clip names and use that as a workaround.