GrabberReceiver IP address setting


I would like to use GrabberReceiver to receive osc message from processing.
Normally it needs both IP address and port numebr (all of these are configured in sender of processing), but I just found port in GrabberReceiver UI. My question is are there any way to set the IP address? Or do I miss any steps?
Thank you very much!


Hi Cristina,

The way OSC works is that the receiver only specifies a port at which it receives. In the sender, you then specify that port and the IP address of the computer that the receiver software runs on:

A) If the sender software is on the same computer as the receiver software, for the IP you can always use

B) Otherwise, you will have to find the IP on the receiver computer, like so for Mac and like so for Windows.

Hope that helps, let us know if anything is unclear.