GrabberReceiver and ParamGrabber


I’m using GrabberReceiver in conjunction with OculusSpatializer VST in Live 10 and I receive properly my OSC /xpos, /ypos and /zpos but when I add a ParamGrabber only the first parameter (from the first row) is sent to the VST, following row are ignored, even if I put the first one at None, the following row aren’t sent.
A workaround that worked for me was to add 3 ParamGrabber, 1 for each message, but it should be working with only 1 and 3 row of parameters.

Upon checking the max console for GrabberReceiver I have the following error :
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/apple/dnssd/RegisterListener
(mxj) unable to construct instance of OscService

It’s kind of working but I think there is something wrong, any idea ?

We’ve removed all Java/Bonjour related features in Livegrabber 3.4, which should fix the error you see in the max console.

Can you try the latest version and see if your problem persists?