Grabber sender is not tied to incoming MIDI, but to all Live Set MIDI

Hi there,

I’m trying to control 2 computers independently via OSC. I’d like to have one NotGrabber and sender for Mac1 and another grabber + sender for Mac2 on separate tracks.
However, the 2 senders send all the MIDI, no matter on which track it originates.
Is there a way to make GrabberSender tied to the track it is placed (or all tracks within a grouped track) ?



Correct, there is currently no feature that allows you to point a plugin to only one GrabberSender.

The only way I can think of to do this with the current features is to use different addresses in the two SingleNoteGrabber plugins.

So the notegrabber plugin that you want to use for sending to mac 1 should have something like /mac1/note in the address field and the notegrabber plugin you want to send notes with to mac 2 should have /mac2/note in the address field.

This way, on the receiving end, you could differentiate between the incoming messages.

Hi Mattjs ! Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, that’s exactly what I did. I differentiate messages on the 2 macs.

I tried to edit the Max patch but I did not reach that level yet… Is this a Live limitation or could it be done ?

Thank you !

Hi Xavier, that is certainly not a limitation in Live, it would be perfectly possible to implement some kind of ‘Send group’ dropdown next to every address in the plugins, just like the Grouping dropdowns. The GrabberSender plugin would then also contain a Send group dropdown that tells it to only send messages of that group.

This is however not currently implemented.