Getting Beam to connect at all

Hello. I am trying to evaluate beam, but as of now, I haven’t gotten it to work at all. I can launch beam, patch fixtures, i even created my own. I am using a dmx1 pro artnet node. when i first load an instrument in live, it says “not connected”. But after a little while it seems to find beam and it shows me my one group. I try to make a clip with notes and intensity but nothing is happening. I would be happy to take a video and send it if someone would watch it. I love the idea of beam, but I have to figure out how to make it work! Any Ideas are appreciated.

Thank you.

Follow up. There is nothing like writing a post in a forum to make your problem go away. Just after sending, I was able to get it to connect. I’m still having some buggy behaviors and things not working exactly as I would like. But we’re getting there.


I just replied to your e-mail. Sounds like you managed to make some things work, but are still encountering some issues.

If there is anything else not working as expected (besides what you described in the e-mail), please let us know what and we will have a look. Thank you!