Get list of all messages from GrabberSender/Receiver

Just watned to say thanks fro the amazing set of tools Livegrabber offers, I’m working on my first project with a visual artist who uses TouchDesigner and livegrabber is making my life so much easier!

Due to the nature of our work, however, I was wondering, is it possible to get a list of all messages sent with GrabberSender/GrabberReceiver and not just the last message?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Georgi,

I can definitely see how seeing a longer list of latest messages can be valuable. All messages may be a bit much, but at least a history of the latest say 500 messages.

If you have ideas about how you would want these messages to show up in the interface, feel free to share a sketch.

Btw, until this is implemented (which may not be immediately as we are focussing all our efforts on the next release of Videosync at the moment) it might be possible to use an OSC monitor in the receiving or sending application. VDMX for example has a special plugin on board for this.