Generated darkness in Normal blending mode

I have a couple of questions from trying to dig a little deeper into Videosync. Will post them in separate threads. First question:

When using the squares and pulsing frame instruments, I seem unable to use them in a way that darkens the total output. My initial thought of how to make this is shown in the below screenshot.

Squares > Colorize to 0 on all channels > Normal Blending mode in the Videosync Mixer

The problem here is that the Normal blending mode does not seem to work on this type of video channels. On videos triggered as clips, the normal blending mode works just as expected.

The only way I can get black squares now seems to be to invert the master output by setting the Contrast in Brcosa.amxd to approximately -1.8 (why this number? :open_mouth:).

Hi Erik,

I tried to reproduce this problem but I managed to draw black squares with the Squares instrument on top of a running video. (See screen shot.) Maybe you’re trying to do something else, otherwise, the result of the blending modes depends on the track order. Tracks are rendered from left to right, so the squares instrument needs to be on the second track to make it work like this.


The track order was the issue. Thanks for the clarification and great that it worked all along! Not that it would be useful for me right now, but adding an invert switch on a plugin would probably be interesting for some.


I’ve been thinking about adding a color invert plugin that behaves like investing colors in OS X. Did not had the time to actually make it though…