Fixture request :)

Hi! i need pleeease the fixture for a led par 4 ch and for a SLM70S Moving Head 9 ch and 14 ch


Thanks for getting in touch.

  • Please provide more information about what the 4 channels of your led par 4 ch are. That is most commonly Red/Green/Blue/White (in this case you can use the Generic RGBW factory profile), but it could also be Dim/Red/Green/Blue or something else.
  • You mention SLM70S, but I was not able to find any fixtures with this name. The closest I found was the Betopper LM70S moving head, and since that fixture has 9ch and 14ch modes, I assume that’s what you have in mind (if not, please provide a fixture manual):
    • Betopper LM70S - 14ch.sbf (2.3 KB)
    • Betopper LM70S - 9ch.sbf (1.7 KB)
      Place these files in your Fixture Profiles/User folder, which you can find by going to Beam > Fixture Profiles… Restart Beam in order for the profiles to become available in the software.
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