Fixture Request for ADJ Inno Spot LED, Pixel Pulse Bar

Requesting fixture profile for ADJ Inno Spot LED and Pixel Pulse Bar - created custom fixtures in Beam but the Dimmer channel doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly? Attached is my fixture profile if you can see what I may have done wrong? Thanks so much for the consideration and help!

Hi and welcome to the forum! Our customer support is currently at capacity. Please expect a reply within 1-2 weeks. We’ll do our best to reply ASAP.

Got it, thanks for the quick reply and will check back in 2 weeks!

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Hi @koalatrunks,

There is nothing wrong with your profile for ADJ Inno Spot LED. However, the Shutter/Strobe channel of this fixture needs to be in a Shutter Open position (e.g. DMX value 255) in order for the light to turn on:

You can do this by setting the shutter modulation to 100%:


You can also set the Default Value for this channel to 255 in the Fixture Editor, then it will always be in the Shutter Open position, unless you introduce a modulation that overrides this.

Here is the profile for the ADJ Pixel Pulse Bar: ADJ Pixel Pulse Bar - 17ch.sbf (679 Bytes)