Fixture Profile Request


My church are running a conference next week and new lights are being added to the current rig.
Is it possible to try and get the following fixture profiles created? I will also attempt to make these myself but would like as a back up in case I get it wrong:

  1. Equinox SpectraPix Batten - 24ch - manual -
  2. eLumen8 Kudoz 350SZ - 16ch -
  3. Acme Xperior 5r Beam F - 16ch - ACME XPERIOR 5R BEAM F USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib
  4. Showtec Helix S5000Q4 - 20ch -
  5. Showtec Sunstrip MK2 - 10ch -

I’ve also attached the link to the manuals too.

Thank you!

P.S - I also intend to try and record me designing a show in ableton too!

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Hi Kieran, here you go:

Let me know if this works or if any adjustments are needed.

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Hey Luka,

Thanks for this! These seem to work fine in the visualizer (Capture), and usually, if it works there it should work on the rig, I’ll let you know on Thursday.

The only issue I’m having is the sunstrips work when I’m controlling the fixture from the Generic instrument plug-in, however, when it’s time for the fixture to trigger as I’m playing back it seems to not respond to the notes that have been drawn in in the midi region. Am I missing something?

Also, I forgot to ask for a Chauvet Hurricane 1DX (manual has been linked) fixture profile, I tried creating one myself using the smoke function in the fixture editor but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thank you,

Do I understand correctly that the fixture responds to the Intensity parameter, but not to the MIDI notes? If so, please make sure that dim is selected for one of the envelopes:


This hazer seems to just have 1 channel for haze intensity - try using the Generic Dimmer fixture profile and a Par or Generic instrument device controlling dim.

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Hey Luka,

That’s the correct understanding. I’ll try what you’ve suggested and let you know how I get on.

&& Oh okay, I’ll patch in using Dim like you’ve said and let you know.

Kieran :slight_smile:

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Hi @Luka,

Everything works as requested however, We’ve had to change the Acme xp-5r beam f to 18ch & the eLumen8 Kudos 350ZS to 26 channels.

Is it possible to get these fixture profiles made for today? I know it’s a big push so will also try to create myself today too.

Thank you,

Hi @K.Lewis,

Add these to your Fixture Profiles/User folder and restart Beam:

eLumen 8 Kudoz 350ZS - 26ch is an aggregate profile, with controls split into total/beam/backlight sections. To use it:

  1. Add eLumen 8 Kudoz 350ZS - 26ch to your fixture patch, don’t assign any tags to it yet.

  2. Once you have added it, double-click on the fixture to see its components. Assign a separate tag for every component (e.g. Total / Beam / Backlight):

    Demo patch:
    eLumen8 Kudosz 350ZS - 26ch demo.sbp (1.6 KB)

  3. In Live, add three Generic devices, one for each section. To ensure the Intensity of Beam and Backlight sections will have an impact, make sure the Intensity of the device that controls the Total tag is at 100%.

    Demo Set:
    eLumen8 Kudosz 350ZS - 26ch demo.als (18.4 KB)

EDIT: Fixed eLumen8 Kudosz 350ZS filename.

Hey Luka,

Thank you for this. The Kudos was supposed to be a 26ch file so didn’t work as intended, it listened to some commands but would glitch here and there. Are you able to send a new one?

Also I managed to create the Acme Fixture profile, it worked really well. I’ll compare it with the one you made to see if they’re the same.

Also I have a video from today, will also have another one on Sunday so will upload both to the community on Sunday evening :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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Hey Kieran,

The fixture profile for Kudos in the original post actually was for the 26ch mode, but it mistakenly said 18ch in all the filenames - apologies for confusion.

I now updated the filenames in the original post, but made no other changes. I just tested controlling eLumen8 Kudoz 350ZS in 26ch mode in Capture and all the 26 channels seem to be responding correctly.

Try again and if there are still issues please describe in what way exactly the fixture is not behaving as expected.

Good to hear you managed to get the Acme fixture working with your fixture profile. Looking forward to the videos!