Fixture Profile Request: SHEHDs 275W Beam Moving Head

After extensive searching and many attempts and programming, I have been unsuccessful in creative a working profile for this moving head light; “SHEHDS 275W BEAM MOVING HEAD”

I’ve attached a screenshot of the DMX patch list, as it is stated in the user manual. Is it possible to create a working profile for this that works with BEAM? Thank you.


I have tracked down the ssl2 and R20 fixture profiles, how do I convert these to “sbf” files?

@Luka hope you don’t mind the ping… seems like you’re the person to talk to about this! Any help is much appreciated

Hi @beatsbytor, welcome!

Here is the fixture profile for your fixture:
Shehds Beam 275W 10R - 16ch.sbf (2.5 KB)

This fixture has some channels (such as the Strobe channel, controlled by the shutterstrobe modulation in the profile above) where different functions are recalled using specific DMX values / slots:

Controlling a channel like this using modulation values between 0. and 1. can be inconvenient. To work around this, you can (currently):

  • Choose to only use a specific range of the channel - then using modulation values between 0. and 1. makes more sense. You can set the Ranges in the Patch Editor.

  • Use a custom device that allows you to control a modulation with values between 0 and 255 (make sure there are no Ranges applied to the target modulation in the Patch): Value (raw DMX values).amxd (242.7 KB)


  • Make a custom M4L device for handling slots of a specific fixture. It turns out that another user recently requested a custom device for this very fixture, so you can also try this:
    Shehds 275W.amxd (440.4 KB)
    Please note that the DMX chart specified in this fixture’s manual lacks some information and figuring out the correct DMX values of channel slots has been a bit of trial and error together with the user. While I think this is pretty close to correct, there could still be details that are not 100% precise, so use this at your own risk :slight_smile:

Let me know if this does the job.

Thanks so much! Just ran a preliminary test, and was able to address and control the parameters that I’ll most pertinently need using the “GENERIC” M4L device. I’ll be in touch as I have done more testing and programming.