Fixture Profile Help... Maybe?

Hello! So I have a bit of a complicated situation that I was hoping I could get a little insight on. I first tried Beam out with my cheapo straight-from-China light made my SHEHDs. Here is a link to the product of theirs that I am using… LED Moving Head 5x18W RGBWA+UV 6IN1 Wash LED Stage Lighting, For Disco DJ Party Wedding Nightclub. When I first bought this light, I only had a trial of Beam, but on my first attempt, I was able to get everything to talk to each other nicely and I even used the light at a show once! Then my trial ended, so it was left neglected for some months while I saved up for the full license. Since I have purchased the full license, I can no longer get the light to respond to Beam. It’s reading my USB (sometimes, but that was address in a separate help topic), it says it’s connected to Live, but then I press play and nothing happens! I’m pretty sure I ended up using one of the pre-canned fixture profiles successfully, but I can’t remember which one it was. But even if I go through them one by one, I still get nothing. Anyone have any ideas of things I can try? Thank you!!

Hey John,

Not sure why the default fixture profiles wouldn’t work anymore if they did before, but nevertheless we’ve created a fixture profile that we hope will work instead. We don’t have access to the fixture IRL or in Capture, so could you please let us know if the fixture profile works? We will then add it to the factory fixture profiles of Beam.


Soundsation Mood 185 Wash - 15ch mode.sbf (1.8 KB)

Hi Jean-Paul,
I am so sorry it took so long to get back to you about this. The fixture profile that you provided doesn’t seem to be working either. I am a beginner with DMX lighting though, so it may be something I’m not doing right. Is there anything I should make sure is set right? Especially on the light itself? I’m running through an Enttec Open DMX to USB adapter.

Thank you!

Hi John,

I just tested the fixture profile Jean-Paul shared above and it works correctly for me. To begin with:

  1. The above fixture profile is for the 15-channel mode of your fixture. Please check that your fixture is indeed set to the 15-channel mode.
  2. Make sure the fixture’s DMX address corresponds to the one specified in the Beam patch.

You can find out how to do this here - a manual for a fixture that seems to match yours (rebranded version of the same model, I think).

Luka, thank you so much for your response. My light appears to only be letting me select between 12 and 16 channel mode. Could that be why it’s not working? Do I need a 16 channel profile?

Also, should I have it in master/slave mode?

Thanks again!

Hi John, could you please share (here or via email) the manual / the document with the DMX implementation of your fixture?
It appears my assumption about your fixture being the same as the Soundsation Mood 185 Wash above was wrong - apologies for that.