Fixture profile for ADJ Sweeper Beam LED

Hello! New Beam user here, I have a few ADJ Sweeper Beam LEDs, not finding a profile for it. Would one of the generic profiles work or are you able to make one for it?

Hello, great to have you!

Here is an aggregate fixture profile for your ADJ Sweeper Beam LED in the 11-channel mode:

  1. Place these two files in the “Fixture Profiles/User” folder, which you can find here:

  2. In the Beam’s Patch Editor, add the “ADJ Sweeper Beam LED - 11ch” fixture and don’t assign any tags to it while adding the fixture via the “Add Fixtures” popup.

  3. Double-click on the created fixture to see its children components. Select the “Tilt, Master Dimmer, Strobing” fixture and assign it a tag such as “Sweeper Master”. Select the “Lens 1-8 Dimmer” fixtures and assign them a tag such as “Sweeper Lens”.

  4. In Ableton create a dedicated track for the “Sweeper Master” tag with a Generic device to control the tilt, master dim and stroberate parameters. Create a track for the “Sweeper Lens” with a Par device - you can now use MIDI notes to control the dimmer intensity of each individual lens of your fixture.

Please let me know if this works for you.

Fantastic, thank you! Will try this weekend.