Fixture for Stairville Wild Wash Pro

Hello, I am looking for fixture for Stairville Wild Wash Pro 648 led RGBW.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello, here you go:

Place these into your Fixture Profiles/User folder, which you can find by going to Beam > Fixture Profiles…. Restart Beam in order for the profiles to appear in the application.

Choose a mode depending on the modulations you want to control. You also need to set this on the fixture itself.

If you choose the 21-ch mode, this is how you set things up:

  1. Add the Stairville Wild Wash Pro 648 LED RGBW - 21ch - Mode 2 to the Patch via the Add Fixtures window. Don’t assign a tag to it just yet. After you have added it, double click on the fixture and assign a tag to the Master fixture:

    Assign another tag to the Segment fixtures:

  2. In Live, add a Generic device to control the 648 - Master tag and make sure Intensity is set to 100%. Besides Intensity, you can use this device to also control the shutterstrobe, strobeduration, program, programspeed modulations.

    On another track (or chain) add a Par device and select the 648 - Segment tag. You can address each fixture segment individually using MIDI notes specified in the Patch.

Let me know if this works for you!

Thanks for your answer
Still not working, I’ve sent you a mail to explain why Ableton cannot connect to the Stairville.
Hope you could help on this :crossed_fingers:
Thanks in advance

Hi Edouardo,

I unfortunately don’t see any new emails from you in our support email inbox - could you please check if you sent it to If so, please send it again.