Fixture for ADJ Pocket Pro Moving Head


Loving your work. Could I get a fixture for the ADJ Pocket Pro?

Many thanks in advance


Fortunately, I think I figured it out. It seems to be working well

ADJ Pocket Pro Patch.sbp (701 Bytes)

I’d love to get fixture profiles for these:

Showtec Club Par 12/6 RGBWAUV LED


LightmaXX Vega Strobe 600

Heres the DMX Channel list for Showtec Club Par 12/6

And for the LightmaXX Vega Strobe 600

Hi Tony,

Good to know you were able to make the ADJ Pocket Pro work. By the way, the file you shared is a Beam fixture patch file (.sbp). If you wanted to share the fixture profile with other users, the Beam fixture profile file (.sbf) (which you probably saved in the Fixture Profiles/User) directory would be the file to share.

EDIT: The 11-channel profile for Showtec Club Par 12/6 RGBWAUV LED is already part of the Factory profiles and you should be able to add it in the Patch Editor.
It appears that the Factory profile for Showtec Club Par 12/6 RGBWAUV LED has Amber and White channel swapped by mistake. The mistake probably originates from the product name, it should have RGBAWUV in the name :slight_smile:. Until this is fixed by an update, here is a fixed version:
Showtec Club Par 12-6 RGBWAUV - 11ch - FIXED.sbf (2.1 KB)

For the 6-channel version you can use the Generic RGBAWUV profile.

Here are the profiles for LightmaXX Vega Strobe 600:

Place these files into your Fixture Profiles/User folder, which you find by going to *Beam > Fixture Profiles… and restart Beam, in order for the fixtures to become available in the Patch Editor.

The 6-ch profile for the LightmaXX Vega Strobe 600 is an aggregate and allows you to address each segment of the fixture individually. This is how to use it:

  1. Add the fixture via the Add Fixtures dialog, but don’t assign any tags to it just yet.
  2. Once the fixture is added, double-click on it to display the component fixtures.
  3. Assign a tag to the Total (dim, stroberate) fixture (such as Strobe Total) and another tag to the Segement 1-4 fixtures (e.g. Strobe Segment).
  4. In Live add a separate device to control the dim and stroberate of the Strobe Total tag and another device for the dim of Strobe Segment tag. You can use the corresponding MIDI notes (as assigned in the Patch Editor) to trigger intensities of the individual segments.

Let me know if this works for you.

Hi Luka, that is amazing. Thank you for those.

Included is the .sbf file for the ADJ Pocket Pro if anyone else needs it

ADJ Pocket Pro 11ch.sbf (1.6 KB)

Would you happen to have a profile for the 8 Channel mode for the LightmaXX Vega Strobe 600?

Thanks for sharing!

Here you go: LightmaXX Vega Strobe 600 - 8ch.sbf (1.4 KB)

Thanks. You’re a legend

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