Feedback request for music videos recorded thru Syphon

I have been working more regularly with the Videosync instruments and effects lately and am enjoying it more and more. These two videos are the fiorst ones I considered redy to be put out there in the internet. I recorded the output of Ableton Live with Syphon and added intro and outro in Shotcut afterwards.

I know that there is still a lot of room for improvement. I would love to get some feedback on it or discuss details of what I did in the Live project, if this is of interest to any of you.


Tumble (Peak Time Techno):

Escape (Tech House):

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Hi Mortimer,

I love these tracks! I’m sure there is stuff to improve, but what I personally find most important in visuals that go with music is that whenever there are big changes in the music, the video also significantly changes at the same time, so e.g. when the music goes into a break, the video also changes it character.

And that is very well done in these videos!


Hey Mattijs, aka Good vibe Senda :grinning:

Very happy to hear you like the songs, I really appreaciate your feedback, too. I did take care to at least focus on the big changes, which apparently worked out okay :pray:
Apart from that, I did also get the feedback that the overall storytelling of the videos could be more elaborate. The question is, what makes people watch a video to the end? How did you experience this aspect?


Hi Mortimer,

I did also get the feedback that the overall storytelling of the videos could be more elaborate.

I guess that also depends on the main audience of the clips. Judging by the music style they are meant primarily for the dance floor, where I’m not sure if storytelling is the most important quality. I would expect a steady and clearly visible rhythm plus as said changes that follow the larger movements of the music to have the most impact there.


thanks for your thoughts. I agree with that, especially since electronic music itself is so repetitive.
I could pick up a few valuable things in this duiscussion which will influence the next visualization. Thanks a lot!