Eurolite LED TMH-17 (11 channel mode) fixture profile


I recently bought 2 Eurolite LED TMH-17 Moving Head Spots, and I want to use them on stage in addition to my previous Fun Generation Mr Beam 4 heads bar.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the Eurolite LED TMH-17 fixture profile files for the 11-channel mode in the library.
Could you help me and send it to me ?

Additionnally, do you have any advice concerning the use of different devices together ( 2 Eurolites spots + 1 Fun Generation bar ), the process in Beam ?

Thanks a lot for your precious help

Just one more detail :
When you helped me with my Fun Generation Mr Beam fixture, I had an issue with the fixture because I wanted to have direct manual control over the white channel, and so you made me a fixture profile that allows for that (RGB+W and not RGBW I think).
On the Eurolites LED TMH-17, I would also like to have this manual control over the white channel, so if you could allow that in the fixture profile, it would be amazing !!

Thanks again a million times to take the time to help me !
Have a nice day

Already answered this one via e-mail, but for anyone that might need this profile:
Eurolite TMH-17 - 11ch.sbf (1.5 KB)

Note: This fixture has a colorwheel with color filter flags, so separately controlling the intensity of white or RGB is not possible.