Error listening to UDP Port 30000

After following all the installation steps. I get this error message prompt in Showsync: ‘Errors detected. Error listening to UDP Port 30000. Is it already in use?’

The plugin is not visible in Ableton.

It is installed on a Macbook Pro running 10.11.5
Ableton Suite (build 9.6.2)

Any suggestions?

Hi Gert,

This error can occur when Max is still running in the background. Does closing Max and restarting Videosync and Ableton solve the problem?

If not, it might be the case that another application is using that port. Perhaps you can try to close as many applications as possible and see if that fixes the problem.


Thanks for the reply Hidde,

Max isn’t installed and no other programs are running. The error still occurs.

Could you enter the following command in the Terminal?

lsof -i udp:30000

This command will return the name of the application using port 30000.

Thank you Hidde. After trying that, I get nothing back in Terminal

Interesting… I will contact you through email to maybe schedule a Skype call!

I’m available for a Skype call. You can contact me through my email.

Apparently a background process called ‘Backburner Manager’ used this port. After force quitting the process we were able to run Videosync without any problems.