Enhanced Video Simpler Instrument Rack

Hi All

I made an Instrument Rack I call “Video Simpler +”. It uses an unheard audio test-tone to trigger a M4L Envelope Follower which is mapped to some additional controls.

These include:
Note Velocity > Image Size
Attack and Release times for Image Size Ease In and Ease Out

It also has Macros mapped to Rotation / Position X / Position Y.

A short demo video is here:

The video also contains a piano instrument, so you can hear the effects of note velocity.

You can download an .alp here: Video Simpler +

I hope you might find it useful. Any feedback and suggestions for improvement gratefully received!


ERK!! My apologies, I meant to post this in the new Community forum, but ended up here (I think because I edited an old draft when I tried to make the post). Can the mods move this to the correct place? Sorry. Paddy

Done, and no worries! I’ve also placed the YouTube link in your post on a new line. This way the player will be embedded automatically.

Thanks for being the first one to post here!