Easily create YouTube video from VideoSync

VideoSync is great! I love it so far. I have EVERY multi-media tool available on Mac (a slight exaggeration but not too far from the truth). This is the tool I have been looking for.

I am new to VideoSync, but I am mystified by something simple. I have created several music/video arrangements that look great on the VideoSync window. I wanted to upload these to YouTube and my other social media sites. I have many failed attempts at doing this, as others have noted. I tried Ableton export. Then I used a video screen recording application but could not correctly route the sound from Ableton. Yes, I know I can export the music and stitch the two together. I read about syphon but could not find it or instructions.

This is the reason I bought VideoSync. I wanted to more quickly produce videos directly from Ableton using pre-recorded, self-recorded, and b-roll videos. Everything has been great up to the point of actually getting access to the videos. Shouldn’t this be simple as well?

Would someone please give me simple step-by-step instructions or a link to an article or video on how to do this? I can’t find it. PLEASE HELP. I just want to get my work out of Ableton into a video file. What gives???

Hi fraziej,

Yeah, we’re in early days here and there’s lots left to learn, improve and expand. But nevertheless, such a great tool. There are now two versions of Siphon, the first release named simply that, Siphon, the next version, which is a reasonable $49, includes audio. You can download is from here. Download Sound Siphon for Mac | MacUpdate. let me know how this works, OK? thanks, Patrick Gleeson

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Hi Joe, welcome to the forum!

While I do agree with you that yes, it would be great if exporting/recording would be as easy as exporting audio from Live, I’d like to give some context to the current state of affairs.

Videosync started out as a tool that artists could use to more easily integrate video into their live performances, as before Live 11, Videosync pretty much only worked with the Session View. Only after Live 11’s release did it become possible for us to add video playback support in the Arrangement View. So while you can now create an entire audiovisual arrangement in Live, the next missing link is offline exporting. Needless to say, it’s high on the wishlist.

Syphon Recorder usually is a nice stopgap solution, but as you and others have mentioned, recording audio and video at the same time with it can be problematic. I’d like to assume that recording both is easier to handle with OBS, and using something like Blackhole Audio to route the audio from Live to OBS directly. Personally, as you also have mentioned, I usually just stitch both together in post.

Let me know if you need further assistance with this.