Downgrade Video Sync

Hello Guys! Hope this message finds you all well…, i got a question to ask… Can Video Sync app be downgrade from 1.2.7 to 1.2.6?
Please let me know if this is possible, i really appreciate any kind of info about this topic. Thanks in advance.

Hi Carlos,

We can make older versions of Videosync available on request. Can you tell us why you are interested in 1.2.6 specifically, compared to 1.2.7?

Hello Jean Paul… Thanks for the quick response, i’m interested on downgrade to the 1.2.6 Video Sync version because i’m working on the post production of a 55 minutes video from a live session, i started to work in my Macbook Air 13 Inch M1 Chip 16Gb RAM / Ableton Live 11 Suite 11.2.7 / MacOS Big Sur 11.7.2 and everything is running perfectly there with the 1.2.6 Video Sync version, then i transfer the same project to my Mac Mini with the exactly same configuration except i upgraded the Video sync app to the 1.2.7 version in the Mac Mini, and the Video Sync App do not respond anymore with this project, it get stuck with the beach ball.

Thanks for explaining your issue. I honestly doubt that switching back to 1.2.6 will resolve this issue. We’ve seen a few similar cases at this point, where the main problem seems to be changed/new file paths to the video files used in the Live Set. It would be great if you could confirm this though, so please download 1.2.6 here and let us know.

Thank you very much for all your support Jean Paul, I’ll try with the 1.2.6 in the Mac Mini, and notice you the results.

Hello Jean Paul, i already tried with the 1.2.6 version and the issue still there. I really don’t know what else i can do to solve this… If you by any chance find any solution for this, please let me know, i’ll really appreciate it.


We are still investigating the issue, but for now, could you please try the following:

Instead of performing a Collect All and Save on your Macbook Air before moving the Live Set to the Mac Mini, move the video files over manually to the Mac Mini. Then open the Live Set on the Mac Mini, resolve the missing files, and then perform the Collect All and Save.

Could you let us know if this prevents Videosync from freezing?

Hello guys… Im having the same problem. My old live set is working perfectly fine on my new Mac Mani M1 with Ableton Rosetta and VS 1.2.7 (155). But on my Old Mac Pro (2015) that I have formatted and installed Os Monterey Intel only Ableton version doesn’t work. The red message is: “Loading video failed: no video track available”. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

Rafael! Nice to hear from you :slight_smile:

The error you are describing is a different one from the one described by the OP (which is that Videosync freezes). I suspect the error is most likely caused by the Live Set’s folder not being in a place Videosync has permission to read from (Desktop, Documents, or Downloads folders). Please check this page, and let us know if this helps to resolve your issue.

Hello Jean, how are you? Nice to hear from you too!
I already did it, but it still happening. Really don’t know why. VS is running perfectly on new Live Sets. Really strange.

Hi! I don’t have the same issue as the previous posters, but I’m curious about downgrading my Videosync also; I just did the 1.2.9 upgrade yesterday and today I had some weird stuff happen that’s never happened before. The video playback for the first half of our set was super glitchy and then the video dumped (projector read “no signal”), and then the audio driver dumped (audio output device in Live read No Device). :flushed:

It’s probably unrelated to 1.2.9 and just a huge coincidence — this is the first time this has happened to me since installing Videosync, and I do not want to blame what happened today on Videosync — but it gave me the heebie-jeebies. We have a huge show (for us) in a week and I absolutely can not risk this sort of behavior, haha.

Jean-Paul, do you think you could make me a link to download whatever previous version I would have installed when I last downloaded the installer, which was March 29? And if there is any specific thing I have to do before installing it, like getting rid of preferences files or something, that would be great to know too.

Thank you so much! — jamie

Hey Jamie, that would be Videosync 1.2.8, but since the changes in 1.2.9 are so insignificant, I think that the issues you were experiencing were indeed a coincidence and unrelated to Videosync. There simply is no direct way Videosync can have any influence on a projector or the audio driver. Your Mac is what handles the connection with external displays. Maybe it was simply a faulty cable or dongle?

Since you’re using an M1 Macbook Air, I’ll have to to point out that we may have to consider thermal throttling, which can absolutely result in unexpected behavior (albeit more of the nature of seemingly high CPU loads, which can lead to garbled audio in Live and stuttery behavior of a Mac overall). Since the machine doesn’t have any active cooling, it’s completely dependent on the local temperature and cooling of the indoor/outdoor space it’s in, and it’s important to be self aware of how soon a high room temperature may lead to thermal throttling. I have to mention this as particularly during the summer last year, we got more “odd behavior” reports that align with thermal throttling issues. And although these reports came mostly from users with 16" Intel Mac models, it’s still worth mentioning this in regards to a passively cooled machine.

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Thanks Jean-Paul for this thorough and thoughtful reply. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t 1.2.9, and I’m glad to hear you second that thought process. We have ben operating in cool rooms so far, but the thermal throttling thing is good to know about. Everything’s been fine since. Thanks for sending the link regardless; it’s comforting to know I can downgrade, although I imagine I won’t. Thanks again!