DMX & Mapping a la MadMapper

Hello Showsync Fam,

I’m currently in the process of sanitizing my workflow, currently using MadMapper and it’s great but the sync capabilities aren’t as reliable as I wanted, so I’m thinking about switching.

I saw that Videosync could do most of what madmapper can do but there’s one thing very important that I’m not sure is in it so this could be a feature request:

The ability to create RGB or Luma fixtures (defined in WxH, number of pixels, directions, zig zag etc) then map them on the video output, which in turns would generate DMX data.

This is what allows my 6 custom led walls fixtures made of addressable leds to display shaders and videos etc from madmapper.

One feature that’s also very cool in madmapper is that you can save the geometry position of the fixtures on the canvas as a cue, so you can space them as they are in reality so the video has a realistic scale, or stack them so they all display the same, or put them side by side for some more simple shaders etc, all of this being easily recallable via a cue. Dunno how this could be done in VideoSync but I think it’s a cool suggestion.

If this were to become available then I’d instantly switch !



Hey, thanks for sharing these thoughts. Pixel mapping is currently not yet supported by Beam/Videosync, but definitely on our wishlist!

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