Could we add notes to SceneGrabber arguments?

since we can’t control the number of a scene in ableton live 11, could we add notes (right clic>edit info text) to the argument to launch a specific scene?

It could be use to specify a number or custom text to a scene that wouldn’t change if we move it - and still let us use name for other purpose. or vis et versa.

Hi aroom,

It took some time to understand your idea, but I think it is a great idea! Unfortunately the Live API doesn’t give us access to this information, so we can’t use it to trigger scenes.

However I can imagine that we could add the option to match only part of the name, for instance if the scene is called “Break ::scene1::”, we could trigger the scene when sending “scene1” as an argument. Would that make sense?


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That would be an elegant solution yes!


Great, I added it in our feature wishes list. Thanks for bringing this up!