Converting shaders to ISF ...?

the Magic Music Visual link on this blog post:

…has been updated to say:

“This script is no longer available. It has been superseded by the Vidvox ISF Editor.”

…the Vidvox editor is a great tool, but I have never succeeded in converting anything from a Shadertoy or GLSL Sandbox link. I get an error message every time saying:

"Error: couldn’t write file to disk “/Users/myname/Library/Graphics/ISF/filename.fs”

can anyone help?

Hi Rob,

Thanks for pointing this out!
We will update the blog accordingly.

Regarding your error, this happens if the ~/Library/Graphics/ISF folder does not exist.

To find this folder, open a new finder window with the Home folder, click the settings button within the finder window. Then select Show View Options and make sure Show Library Folder is checked.

It might be that the /Graphics folder in this library folder also does not exist. If so, go ahead and create that too, along with the /ISF folder in it.

After doing this, the shader conversion should work again in the ISFEditor.

Hope this helps!

Kind greetings,

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thanks Miro, that worked after a restart. I have a lot to learn about shaders…