Control surface does not match Videosync version error

I’ve been working well with video sync for days and made a whole bunch of work using a remote machine to run the actual video without problems but today I restarted my computer and now keep getting the error message ‘control surface does not match Videosync version’ on the remote machine (the machine I’ve offloaded playback to).
I have no idea what could have changed in my set up over night and wondering how to solve this.
Anyone had this / know what this means / know how to solve it?

Running Videosync version 1.4.3

Primary mac is Macbook pro 2015 running monterey & ableton 11 and secondary mac is macbook pro 2021 also running Monterey.

Any help with this asap would be really appreciated!

Hey Mwen, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about that!

On the machine that runs Live, could you try removing the Showsync folder inside User Library/Remote Scripts? After doing that, restart Live and Videosync. Videosync’s installer should then pop up. Just let it do its thing, and then reselect the Showsync Control Surface in the Preferences. Now close Videosync on the Live machine and check if the remote machine will still throw the error.

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks for responding so fast. I did those steps on the machine that is running Ableton, did the same on the remote machine, restarted both and but now the remote machine won’t connect to the control machine and the control panel show no attempts made to connect. It just says video sync started. I’ve tried shutting down and re-opening on both machines in a variety of sequences but the remote machine still makes no attempt in the control panel to connect and just not connected on the Master Out window. I know the network between the machines is working because I’m able to move files between the machines.
Any other ides? :crossed_fingers:

In case anyone stumbles across this post in distress - it turns out that today my machine running Ableton decided it couldn’t handle a wifi (to broadband) and ethernet connection (to the remote mac) happening at the same time. Switched off the wifi and videosync connects now. :sweat_smile:

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