Control Master track parameters (volume, etc.)

Is it possible to grab and change parameters from the master track? Unfortunately I can’t use the Track Grabber as it doesn’t work with racks. It doesn’t seem like another grabber will work except possibly the Void Grabber, but I haven’t had luck with that either. Any help is appreciated!

If I understand correctly, you would like to use trackgrabber to control or receive the master volume except that it doesn’t work in a rack.

Maybe if I better understand your situation I might he able to come up with a solution. What is the reason that you would want to use trackgrabber in a rack? Also, which other parameters were you thinking to control?

Thanks for your reply! Specifically, I want the ability to change the volume of all tracks without having to change them all individually. This way, I could maintain volume levels of all tracks separately, but still control the maximum volume output from Ableton. So, using the Master track makes the most sense, but currently I don’t see how to effectively do that with LiveGrabber.

I don’t need to use trackgrabber necessarily. I just know that is where it’s possible to change the volume of tracks in general. Is there another way?

Ah, now I understand your point. Indeed in version 4 when adding the TrackGrabber plugin to the master track it gives an error saying it cannot be in a rack. The error message is actually wrong, it should say that it cannot be used on the Master track.

However this feature is added in 4.1 that is now live on the usual download link. TrackGrabber should now work on Master and Return tracks as well as normal tracks. If you could download Livegrabber version 4.1 from the website and check to see if it works as expected on the Master track, that would be great.

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It works perfectly! Thank you for such a quick update.