Color Control Plugin

Hi Jean-Paul,

i’m preparing for a little event and of month and run into an issue with the ColorControl Plugin. I try to assign MidiMapping to the hue-value of the dark, mid and light column. But the input will be reduced to -1, 0, 1. The same controller assigned to other fields, like curves R value (also range -1 to 1) works fine with floating numbers. Is this me doing wrong or a bug?
I also noticed, opening the color wheel and then changing the hue value it will move all 360 degrees from 1 to 0 (red to red) - but 0 to -1 will not change the wheel - but the output does. Don’t know if this is related or helps.

Lots of greetings and have a nice weekend


Thanks for sharing this, Karsten!

Could you let me know if this version of ColorControl resolves these issues for you?

ColorControl.amxd (513.5 KB)

Yeees! Fantastic - it’s working for all three params (dark, mid and light). This really helps me a lot! Thank you very much for this fast action.

Lot’s of greetings