Clipsmpte and launching scenes in ableton

hi there.
i got your little clipsmpte plugin for max4live, cause we’re doing a live show
that we need send some smtpe codes for the visuals to change visual set.

we have about 5 scenes per track… (we split up the arrangement over different scenes)
and the visuals will stay pretty much the same set for each track…

my question is how do i reference a certain clip to start the new set of visuals for the next track if when a new track starts, i could start with any of the 8 clips in the first scene of the new track?

is there any way to reference a scene? or it has to be a clip specificely?

only cause i could start with any clip in scene to start a new track …

ive attached an image of kinda what our live show session view looks like.

thanks for any guidance :slight_smile:


ClipSMPTE only listens to one track and outputs the playback time of the clip that is currently playing in that track.

To add an offset, it is only possible to add the offset in seconds to a clip name in that track. When you add “+30” (without the quotes) to the end of the clip name, 30 seconds are added to the time that is sent out.

If you want to relate a certain video to a scene, with the current feature set you will have to choose one clip that is always started when a scene starts.

I guess the feature you need could be encapsulated into another device, a global timecode output plugin that generates time code starting from an offset that you can add to the scene name. However since Ableton Live doesn’t contain the idea of a scene that is playing (scenes can only be used to trigger clips), it might be unintuitive to add an offset depending on the scene that was last triggered.

Hope that helps,