Clip listener not working

Hi! Thanks for your awesome stuff ! We can now sync perfectly two PC and mac ableton live sessions . I would like to go further and use the cliplistener . But when I put it on a track in the master session it sees that the clip is playing but “no livesync Master! 2.1.3” is written and it doesn’t work even if the two sessions are correctly synchronized . The connection between the PC and a mac is an ad hoc Wi-Fi network .
How can I fix this problem?
Thanks a lot

Hi Ted,

Thanks for reporting this. As soon as we have some time we will see if we can reproduce this issue.

In the mean time, could you see if there are any errors in the Max window? (Right-click plugin title bar, select Open Max Window).

In general I would discourage using a wifi network for syncing, but this shouldn’t cause a general connection problem, especially if the Master and Slave are properly connected…