Choke Groups on simpler with 1 shot mode


I am hoping to use videosync in a similar way that I chop samples. Typically I take the full audio file, set it to 1 shot mode, add it to a choke group, then begin duplicating the audio file and adjusting the start point. One key to it is that when I hit a sample pad, it will play until I hit the next sample pad which will cut/choke the previous audio.

In the Videosync simpler, when I set the video clip to 1 shot mode and add it to a choke group, the video will continue to play on top of the next clip even if they are both assigned to the same choke group. Is there a way to trigger video clips without having to hold the pad down, and have them be choked by the trigger of the next clip???


Videosync currently doesn’t support choking, but please see this reply and a potential solution for this in Beam - same applies to Videosync Simpler devices in a Drum Rack.